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Towards the end of last year I was approached to do some promo product photography for some brand-new wearable tech. The campaign brief consisted of 3 product shots, worn by models in different locations. Sounds simple right? There was a catch… Both the product and the locations didn’t actually exist. The product, called The Link band, is […]



Puppy training — we are doing it right! At 16 weeks Bandit can already do more tricks than I can count on all my fingers! I think a combination of lots of positive reinforcement, very little time to be bored, and the fact that we got an awesome dog is our secret.

Woodhall Walks 1

Woodhall Walks

Today we got to take Bandit to one of our absolute favourite places in the world — Woodhall Spa. He absolutely loved it, there were loads of other dogs to play with and so many new things to sniff, chew & chase! We also didn’t hate the fact that we had to drive past our […]

Dead Girl

Dead Girl x Mary Choppins!

Had an awesome time doing two Halloween shoots in one last week! Dead Girl featuing Spadgerina & Mary Choppins featuring Rosie & Robyn! Happy Halloween!

First Walk

The First Walk

A month can be a long time, but I had no idea just how long until we had to wait to take Bandit for walks! This past 4 weeks has been a lot of work, trying to tire a puppy out without being able to go on long walks has been exhausting! My lady sums up […]

Meet Bandit

Meet Bandit

Meet Bandit Perses Nunn-Whittaker the first! He was born on 11th of July & we got to bring him home today! Life is going to change…



I’ve been doing an awful lot of client work lately, and thats lead to a dramatic decrease in the amount of images I’ve been sharing. Not because I can’t share the shots, more because… where does time even go? My lady & I put an end to that last night by having a few hours of […]

Daydream in Blue

Daydream In Blue

She & I spent a few days at the cabin in the woods over the weekend. In between coffee on the balcony & trips to the beach we made some time for a few photos.

24 Hours with Rick Nunn — The Eyes

24 Hours in the Life of Rick Nunn

I was approached earlier this year by & Canon to be part of a new project. They wanted me to produce some images with a behind the scenes video. They gave me a brief ’24Hrs with your DSLR’ a small budget & access to some of their amazing kit — the rest was up to me.

AnyForty Versus Volumes Chapter 02 Lookbook  5

AnyForty Versus Volumes, Chapter 02 Lookbook

Last month I spent a week seeing friends, eating meat & shooting photos in London, one of the first was for the AnyForty Chapter 2 lookbook. We shot on a secret roof top location in Shoreditch, giving us the chance to do something that felt a bit different for the brand. I love the way it’s come out. It was great to see some familiar faces & get some fresh ones in too.

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