24 Hours in the Life of Rick Nunn

I was approached earlier this year by Gather.ly & Canon to be part of a new project. They wanted me to produce some images with a behind the scenes video. They gave me a brief “24Hrs with your DSLR”, a small budget & access to some of their amazing kit — the rest was up to me.

First thing I did was get in touch with my good friend Gavin Strange (aka Jam Factory), like me he is one of those multi-disciplined creatives & dabbles in film making. If you haven’t seen his ICARUS_13 film then you’re missing out. We talked over a few ideas & decided that keeping it simple & striking was the way forward.

My challenge was set in London, the city I love to hate, & I had a few locations in mind straight away.  Now I just needed someone to shoot — I’ve worked with Mode a few times in the past & they’ve always been great, so I called them up & talked them through the brief. They were thrilled to be involved and supplied a great model & MUA, Annie & Tashan.

On the day of the shoot not everything went smoothly, it rarely ever does. Due to some delays we lost some of best light but that never stands in my way, I make my own light! And I am very happy with my images — using Canon’s 85mm 1.2 was an absolute pleasure!

24 Hours in the Life of Rick Nunn - 24 Hours with Rick Nunn Photographed by Rick Nunn
24 Hours in the Life of Rick Nunn - 24 Hours with Rick Nunn — In The Trees Photographed by Rick Nunn
24 Hours in the Life of Rick Nunn - 24 Hours with Rick Nunn — On The Steps Photographed by Rick Nunn
24 Hours in the Life of Rick Nunn - 24 Hours with Rick Nunn — The Eyes Photographed by Rick Nunn
24 Hours in the Life of Rick Nunn - Gather.ly Photographed by Rick Nunn

Working with Gather.ly is awesome. They really are creating unique opportunities with extra ordinary people & I am so stoked to be involved with what they are doing.

The Video!

So happy with this video that Gav made, I knew he’d nail it for me!

The Launch & Exhibition

Two other fantastic photographers were also involved in the project, Phoebe Cheong & Lee Kirby. Check out their work because it’s unreal. Really happy to be able call these guys friends now. Gather.ly put on a great event last night to show off our work. It was at Allpress in Shoreditch and so many people turned up that they were literally spilling out into the street. 

Just before the videos were played the Gatherly guys pulled me up in front of everyone & got me to do a bit of an intro. Man I hate public speaking — but I think I did okay. 


The Event Mont


Big thanks to everyone that came, special thanks to Rik at Ripe Digital for printing me up some promo cards with no notice at all! Finally I just want to say thanks again to the whole Gather.ly team, especially Holly & Ben. Those guys rule!

I can’t wait to get involved with the next thing

Gatherly x Canon x Rick Nunn x Jam Factory


  • @Gather_ly great work!!! The shots are amazing!!! Especially love the portraits. Such hairline DOF *___*

  • Wow! What a result. Those photos are great, the model is stunning. Dem eyes! :) Love the vid as well @JamFactory! :)

  • @Gather_ly Damn your talents! More awesome work!

  • @Gather_ly Awesome! Well done!

  • andyb

    Constructive criticism here, great photos, but need to tone down on the model photoshopping. Images look a tad surreal? But that could have been the aim so sorry if I got that wrong.

  • What do you use to preview your pictures on the iPad?

  • I use ShutterSnitch & an EyeFi Connect X2 card.

  • Is surreal a bad thing?

  • andyb

    No not a bad thing at all, just wasn’t sure if that was the purpose or just a style you like. Was purely an opinionated suggestion as I like your previous work which seems more natural if that makes sense.

  • You’ve always got to be trying new things. I’d hate to be boring and predictable :)

    Definitely what I was aiming for this shoot, the word I kept using when planing the shots was etherial.

  • andyb

    Very good point, in that case, nicely done.

  • Thank you :)

  • Danny159

    Your photography is amazing! It really is.

  • Danny159

    Do you put that into a Compact Flash conveter?

  • Nope… look up what an EyeFi card is Danny.

  • Thank you :)

  • I call bullshit on this, if this was truly 24 hours in the life of Rick Nunn there would be several hours dedicated to eating meat and drinking coffee, along with some beard grooming.

  • Santos

    Really nice, wonderful work Rick.

  • Danny159

    Do you do a lot of post production on your images or are they mostly right out of the camera?

  • Depends on the image, but this one obviously has quite a lot of post production :)

  • @Gather_ly It’s just been uploaded to #bagyourselfabillboard http://t.co/7zA20APulZ

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  • Nathan Sarli

    Could you describe your lighting setup? It looks amazing! Which lights were gelled?

  • Bimmer

    Stunning photos Rick. Stunning.