Fifty of Fifty — 2010

On Thursday I completed my second Project 50. For those that don’t know Project 50 consists of 50 photos over 50 sequential days taken with a 50mm lens. That’s a lot of 50s, right? So yeah, started on the 1st of July & fifty days later I was done! A lot of you know that last year I did a photo a day for a year (See the set on flickr) you would think that fifty photos in a row must be a walk in the park. Well that would be true if I had approached it in the same way I did my 365 but for this project I wanted to keep the quality really high the whole way through.

50 Days, 50 Photos, 50mm

I get asked a lot — “What makes you want to do this?” or “Why would you do this if you aren’t getting paid for it?”, generally my answer is — “Just for the sake of it” but let me expand on that a little more. To me the value of this project is completely inherent in the act of doing it or, more importantly, the act of completing it to a level of quality with which I am happy — I did it to prove to myself that I could.

I decided from the start I wanted to really make these shots stand out as a series; I wanted to give them all something that tied them together. I love film, & the idea that a single frame can really tell a story so I thought I’d try to achieve that cinematic feel with well thought out composition & post processing. Also, being a designer with a passion for well set type I wanted to add a typographical twist to the shots — hopefully carry on the story telling a little bit.

Life is Like Riding a Bicycle

I'm Not Sorry

If Flowers Could Talk

Left For Dead

I approached this project as I would anything else in my life — diagonally. I scribbled down any ideas I had for photos into a Moleskine diary, along with any events, words, people, anything I could think of that might help. Laying it out like this made it a lot easier to get a clear picture of the whole project in my head. I could see the days where I was going to need to do a bit of extra organisation or need to ask a friend for help.

I also wanted to make an effort to document the more interesting setups in the series. Every photo that used off camera lighting has strobist info in the description & I started adding setup photos, which a lot of you will know I already add to quite a few of my prior photos. I also did about thirteen setup videos, a new thing for me; my iPhone 4 made producing them pretty easy & the quality was good. You can check out all the videos on my Vimeo page.

Come Play With Us

Act Like You Are Wearing A Cape

Sucks To Be Home

It's Hard To See Your Way Out

I always suck at summing up projects; I really struggle to step back & look at the project objectively to assess what I’ve achieved. I am probably overly self critical & I rarely like anything I produce for more than 2 hours after I’ve done it. I guess that’s got something to do with why I put together some statistics. I know that most of them are meaningless, especially Explore, but it makes my creativity & skill level quantifiable; my mind likes that.

Fifty of Fifty

Regardless of how I feel I have done, I enjoyed the project a lot. I put more pressure on myself this time than in previous photographic challenges & I think I responded well — I only thought about killing myself a few times. So I guess in that respect the project is a massive success? Yeah… cool.


As I said above, in some bizarre way, statistics help me quantify my ability as a creator of photographic images. Not on a personal “Do I like this image?” kinda level but more on a global “How well has this image gone down” sorta thing. I put together loads of stats from this project & thought I would share some of them. If you’re as geeky as me you might enjoy them. I wish I had time to make a more in depth info graphic, as theres tonnes of data! But hey, I’ve got a million other things I should be doing!

The Site —

I built this simple site to showcase the project on it’s own platform. Flickr is great for people to follow & interact with a project in real time but once it’s over, it’s very easy for a project to get buried. I built the site in HTML5 with some sexy CSS3 & also added a really nice iPhone optimised interface for the iPhone, including high res retina display graphics. Oh & if you add the site to your home screen you’ll see a rather sexy icon that John O’Nolan designed for me, what a guy!

So What’s Next?

What a good looking question, thanks for asking — but I’m not telling yet! I’ve got some stuff to catch up on that I put off to do this project, including the next ‘How I Shoot’ post, but don’t worry, my flickr will not be neglected. I have loads in my edit pile to get through & I can never last long without taking a photo or two! But more to the point I have already started planning the next project… it’ll be something a little different but hopefully just as enjoyable as this has been for people. Stay tuned.

The Giveaway!!

Yep! I am giving away a full set of fifty 7″ by 5″ prints from the project to just one person! In fact they are the exact ones I used in my final photo! Cool huh? To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is follow meon twitter & tweet:

Read about @RickNunn’s Fifty of Fifty photo project & you could win fifty beautiful prints –

The winner will be picked at random & announced here on the 1st of September 2010.

Competition now closed — the winner is… Rob Barrett!


  • Setup Video:

  • The colors and bokeh are excellent!

  • Perfect!

  • What size is this lens in comparison to the Canon 50mm? It looks teeny :-/ Agree with imorinico, the colours are excellent.

  • shame its nikon ;)

  • Thanks.

    [] It is a little smaller than the Canon F/1.4 but not by much

    [] I seem to remember you used to shoot Nikon ;)

  • [] Its smaller relative to the body as its not got its own motor in it. The body has a drive motor in it, great for older glass!

  • i know i know! So glad i made the change though.

  • this is great :DDDDDD
    love the bokeh and colour :DD

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  • 50 Days, 50 Photos, 50mm, 50D.
    You missed one! haha

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    Thanks for the setup video as well that is really useful

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  • Thanks everyone.

    [] Thanks, that’s the sort of feel I was trying to get.

    [] You might be right, but the idea came tonight so that’s when it happened :P

    [] Damn you’re right!

    [] What a copout… ;)

  • Qué cosa tan sencilla un objetivo de 50mm, pero qué maravillosa a la vez. Buena foto como todas las tuyas.

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    i was thinking of getting this lens but got the 35mm 1.8 instead as it can auto focus on my D5000

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    And this is the rad shot Kym did of my feet in the same location:

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  • Amazing light, killer concept and a lovely setup video. On a slightly more critical note I don’t really like the placement of the title or is there a reason for the words being so close to your hand?

  • [] It was to try and associate that text with that person in the photo — for me it works.

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    Oh and those people who are complaining about it being too dark.. srsly? WTF?

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  • Thanks guys (& girls).

    [] Well thanks very much young lady! Yep, we are in an eternal battle to kill kill kill! I don’t think either of us will ever win.

    [[email protected]] I assume they just passed out when they saw that one. Pussies!

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  • Setup Video:

    Alternate Shots:


  • My name is John O’Nolan and I approved this photo.

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    There is only one little thing that minds me: those 3 hairs on the lattice between the left arm and the head (though this speaks for the good sharpness of your lense ;)).
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    Fantastic shot & thanx for the blog & setup info, I need to get started @ try my hand @ this.

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    Great series and totally helpfull vids!

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    Well Done Rick awesome project executed awesomely.

    IF I had to pick one thing is that the photo on your chest is brighter but I can understand why it is.

    Now where are my prints ?

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  • Rickalicious, this is so very amazing. The quality you’ve kept throughout project 50, and the final picture, has not disappointed. Hope you’re proud of yourself, but knowing Mr Nunn it’s an "I can do better!" attitude you’re ending on. You naiiiled it, bro.

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  • wow thanks for that – every shot is a blinder and what a great ending… Now you can put your feet up and have a coffee you’ve earned it.

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  • Fantastic end to a great project Rick! Well done.

    You must be immensely proud when you look back through this project (and previous projects) at the high quality of each of the photos… I know I would be!

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  • Wonderful shot Rick, you’re a photographic genius! Have thoroughly enjoyed the entire series, you are an inspiration to a newbie like me! Any chance we can tempt you across the water to Ireland for a meetup/workshop? ;-)

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  • Thanks so much guys, I was really worried about my shot, but I think it works well as a reflection of the last 50 days.

    [] You are a cheeky little kitten!

    [] Not sure as of yet, but I will let you know if I do.

    [] You sure did! Thanks a lot for your help.

    [[email protected]/] Don’t panic, my photography addiction cannot be stopped! In fact I have already uploaded another pic today. :)

    [[email protected]/] Thats quite a compliment Sarah, I’m flattered.

    I’ll be writing a blog post over the weekend which should summarise the project nicely, I think I’m also gunna do a give-away or something so keep your eyes peeled.

  • Great ending of an amazing project! You have delivered stunning photos every day and I thank you for your effort because it has been a joy to follow you.

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  • Started to follow this from the "you delicious bastards" photo. Must say I was very impressed, I’m buying a 50mm lens nxt week. Just hope ill be able to use it as effectly as you did during this project. Well done :)

  • i looked at this picture and thought ehh, it’s not that special. BUT then i watched the video and by seeing all the work that went into it, it really started to grow on me. this is an amazing photo, well done.

  • Just epic.. Keep on shooting!!

  • Love this idea :)

  • I’ve said this before and I’ll probably keep saying it, but here we go again; your photography keeps getting better and better! You’re a total pro, and it’s been so awesome to be party of your jounreys such as the 365, and both project50’s :)

    keep em coming pro

  • Amazing.
    I find the work you do truly aspirational
    Thank you

  • Rick, will you marry me?

  • Awesome shots! I’m just starting to plan my own Fifty-50-Fifty projrct myself now.

  • how did you take the pictures to your lens if the lens were supposed to be on the camera???
    (just joking:)
    nicely done!

  • Just viewed the Flickr stream, lovely moments, keep it up ; )

  • An inspiring project – glad I found out about it

  • Rick, that was such an amazing project! Thanks for all the beautiful photos, your setup videos and -shots and for inspiring me!

  • Rick, you seriously rock. Waiting for your next ‘How I shoot’ post.

  • Marvin

    nice post and congratulations to your 50/50 !
    I’m pretty much very impressed with every single shot out of your project and it made me go out and shoot so much more than usual.

    You are the man !

  • Jansen Tolle

    Very nice project. I love the stats and graphs at the end – some people don’t know what it takes to be a great artist. Four hours of sleep is indeed typical. Planning is a must.

    Great job!

  • I for one know the dedication required for Project 50 as I fell short of the mark, but to maintain the level of quality you did through out your project as well is very very impressive and some of your photos are some of my favorite photos ever FACT.

    Also this is a great blog about the project and of course I am looking forward to what you do next.

  • This is just a great project. I really love this idea and the photos as well!
    Go on!

  • David

    Congratulations on the 50/50 project Rick, very inspirational indeed. I for one love the stats that you’ve added, a nice big sexy typograpical info graphic with all stats would indeed be sensational to see… maybe if you can reduce that sleeping down to 3hrs a day haha. Great photos, great storys and great design all round.

    Cheers from downunder.

  • Kym

    You win at life.

    I saw how much effort you put into this project more than most (because I am cool and get to hang out with you a lot) and with a full time job it must have just been exhausting. Definitely worth it though, most of your best photos are from within this project and it is a good representation of how much you have improved since your #365.

    You’re dedicated. This could eventually lead you to places beyond the realms of a hobbyist, if you would let it… Just sayin’


  • Brendan

    your productivity scares me and inspires me to get off my ass a bit more. Seriously sweet end result to what seems like a crazy amount of work you put in, with a full time job!! Are you a Robot!?

    Best o’ luck

  • Gia

    Congratulations! This project was actually inspired me to be active in more active in Flickr and to also put more effort into my shoots. You put so much soul and love into the photos that you’ve actually inspired others. I’m still waiting on what your next project will be. Keep on rockin’!



    Just kidding – wanted to be controversial, heheheh.
    Awesome stuff! I followed every inch of the way. Brilliant work, mate.

  • Cool shot!

  • Nice job! liked it!

  • Again, well done Rick, I can’t believe how awesome the results of this project are! I can only echo again on what I said on your Flickr page. Well done!

    Do you have a portfolio of all your favourite/best/most popular photos? Or do you just rely on your site?

  • Great job! I need to get off my butt and do one of these. You remind me to not be so lazy.

  • 0r1

    Congrats again Rick, I really enjoyed following this project. Seeing how much work and dedication you put into it was quite inspirational and made me want to shoot and learn more, thanks. I always wondered how you do it.. and now I know, 4-hour sleep?!! Crazy… I guess your passion for coffee should have been a hint! ;)

    Loved the post and the geeky stats and graphics.. keep the good stuff comin’!

  • Hey Rick, I’m a big fan of your work. Can I ask you why you hardly ever use your 5d and favour your 50d instead? Also, would love to see your post processing techniques – perhaps you’d do a video on that some time in the future?


  • Thanks so much everyone.

    JohnONolan, fuck yeah!

    Simon, Good luck with it.

    Kwame, Hopefully you wont have to wait too long for it.

    Marvin, great, shoot shoot shoot!

    David, if only I had the time to turn it into a massive poster print with tonnes more stats. Yeah, less sleep thats what I need to do.

    Kym, Thanks & fuck you. ;)

    Brendan, yep you got me. I am mechanical.

    D-Ro, you got me… :P

    Adam, Thanks, I don’t really keep my photo site as up to date as I should. But if you wanted to see what Flickr conceders my most popular/interesting photos I have created a set here which gets updated everyday.

    Kenji, Thanks. The 5D wasn’t actually mine, it belonged to a friend and I just borrowed it for one shot. And my post processing… hmm not sure i am ready to part with them yet.

  • Congratulations……amazing work…I really enjoyed every single photo, Rick
    Good luck man!

  • Man, been great fun watching your daily pic in my contacts stream… Great work from a great photographer.

  • You just kicked my ass ! :)

    Do you really sleep 4hours a day ? oO

    I’m really motivated to realize the same project …

    Do you start to draw in your book before starting the project ? I think I’ll do it to save time.

  • Excellent Series Rick…. Great closing shot!

  • Beautiful!

  • Fabien Yeah, that’s about normal for me but I do have a big catch up every now and again. I draw in the book whenever the ideas come, regardless of whether I am on a project or not. :)

  • Absolutely The Perfect Photographer
    You Deserve Another Perfect Photographer Award
    The Perfect Photographer Award
    The Perfect Photographer(Post 1 Award 2)

  • This was a great series to follow. Very inspirational.

  • I really enjoy yor amazing project and followed you on Twitter and Flickr.
    The detailed setup videos and the resulting fotos are amazing.

    I’m looking forward to your next project(s).

    Just started my own Flickr-Stream ->

    Feel free to follow me on

    Keep on working on this hot stuff

  • I am a lurker, have been ever since the post on low key portraits, and I feel that it’s time for me to tell you how much I love your work. There’s a sense of tonal depth to them that makes you just want to keep looking and looking.

    Anyway, I linked to you on my blog and said a few words. Not much, but just wanted to let you know. Admire what you’re doing, and I’ll keep watching you, for sure.

  • Ben

    I. Love. It. I really like the way you are open about what you do, how you do it and why you did what you did. I think the overall quality of the project is pretty impressive and you shouldn’t think too much about statistics. I for one, don’t care at all for the 17k views photo ;-)

    But that is not the point. The point is (I think) the journey of this project, not the result. Especially NOT how people that are not you, value that result. You are talented and I can safely say that this project is not your best work. Your best work is yet to come and we are looking forward to it.

    PS. Perfectionists never like their own work. Its a curse. Live with it. :-)

  • Great shot

    I love it

  • Excellent !

  • I know I’m a bit behind but well done Rick on another amazing project. It’s pretty much all been said, inspirational.

  • congrats for this project!

  • Wow – super inspirational!

    I really enjoy your work, but even more than that I enjoy these behind the scenes posts. Your output quality is superb, even on a blog post. I really admire that about you.

    Also, thanks for the update on the budget vs premium softbox thing – I appreciated that very much. Now to go cruise through your website and continue to be inspired.

    as an aside, I did a shot very similiar to your #19 as a project for a photography workshop I did this year. It’s not as refined as yours, and I hope it invokes a slightly different mood, but it’s very similiar. Here’s the link if you care to look at it.

    I did it in the evening after the workshop class to be presented on the next class – it’s unedited except for minor cropping as that was a requirement of the project.

  • Fabulous!

  • man, you have a really really nice stream, I didn’t know it, congrats!

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  • Hey Rick.

    Been following you for a while now and i really think you are a great photog. Especially i loved your 50of50 project. They are great pictures, just about every one of them.

    I am courious to what you’ve done in post-process. How do you sharpen your images? What do you do in post-process? Lightroom, Aperature, Photoshop or? And so on.

    All the best

  • Great image and stream. I have come back for more.

  • fav

  • :0

  • wow, this is such an awesome idea : ) I’m just disappointed I didn’t discover your project earlier :P but what a great one it was :D

  • Helloo everybody…
    I want to know what it the size from the soltbox?????… Because i could be bay some but i don´T wich it´S the proper size.. Thanks

  • [] You get 10 points for being absolutely nuts.

  • Enhorabuena gran fotografía!

  • nice

  • Wonderful. Love it!!

  • beautiful

  • Nice

  • This is so awesome! :)

  • An sb-800? Mixing brands like that is like "crossing the streams" on Ghostbusters!
    Apparently, instead of exploding it creates excellent photos.

  • test

  • 50mm!! :)
    Good photo and bokeh….
    Congrats to explore!
    lucamontipo - View my recent photos on Flickriver

  • Very clever….awesome shot!

  • Excellent!

  • veryvery cool how you got the picture of you holding this picture how the picture, amazing!

  • brilliant!!

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