10 — The Gales

On Saturday Spadge & I shot a wedding together. Working side by side like this (for 14ish hours) was a new experience for us but let me tell you right now we kicked it’s ass!

The day was split between a church in Sleaford & the amazing Petwood Hotel in Woodhall Spa — a stones throw from where I grew up. I’ve spent many Sunday lunches at the hotel, being on familiar ground definitely helped.

I’m still amazed we managed to organise 70ish people into a heart shape, Spadge takes most of the credit for that ushering people into position while I did my best Spider-Man impression to get as much height as possible. I can’t wait for the next wedding we’re shooting together.

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The Gales - The Gales Photographed by Rick Nunn
The Gales - The Gales At The Petwood Photographed by Rick Nunn

An extra shot from Saturday because you've been so well behaved today.


  • Chris

    Some brillinat shots Rick, bet the married couple are pleased with the outcome!

  • Thanks Chris, they are on a THREE AND A HALF WEEK honeymoon now so they haven’t seen them yet. That does give me a chance to spend a little more time editing them though :)

  • Chris

    Lucky them! Seriously love your work and regularly check your site for updates – KUTGW!

  • Thanks dude

  • got any advice for shooting a wedding?

  • Mickaël LIBLIN

    Sorry to ask this kind of question : what was you package to do this job ? lens ? prime or zoom.

    Just to says like Chris : I love your work and check regulary your blog. You got lot of idea and try lot of thing. I like it. Thanks for all your share. I did some wedding event. Here, sure they will be happy of your work.

  • I think I shot all of these except the group shot with my Canon 70-200L F/2.8 IS. The group shot was shot with my Canon 50mm F/1.4.

    Glad you like the shots :)

  • Take a second shooter if you can, that takes the pressure off a bit. Make sure you know the itinerary for the day — I often make an image listing the events and rough times and set it as the lock screen on my phone so I know whats coming up and where I should be. Finally be best friends with the master of ceremonies if there is one, or the best man — this guy (if you’re nice to him and maybe buy him a drink) will help up round up distant relatives for photos, help organise people and more.

    Hope that helps :)