At the beginning of December I was in London for the weekend, on the Sunday I put most of a roll of Ilford Delta ISO3200 through my Canon AE-1.

I went to get the film processed as soon as I got back, but the labs I went to told me that they would have to be sent away & because of Christmas there would be a long wait. So I waited till post Christmas & took it into the Lincoln branch of Jessops. I thought taking it in after would minimise the delay & reduce the chance of them losing the film (Paranoid).

I kinda wish I hadn’t taken it to Jessops – it took them over 3 weeks to process it, they didn’t have a clue where my film was at any point and the staff were unhelpful when I was trying to get them to chase it for me.

I think it’s safe to say the development process of Delta 3200 has put me off shooting it for a while, back to the Fuji Xtra 400. I think I am so used to the speed and convenience of digital that if I can’t get a film developed & onto my computer within a day I can’t stand it! I think I am mumbling now, just check out the photos, let me know what you think:

Leicester Square Tube Station