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These are all my posts in chronological order. Have a scroll through my whole body of work if you want to just pick out the bits you like.

An Introduction to Piqant

Piqant reached out to me at the end of last year, introducing me to their new brand and concept.

Cheaper By The Dram

Norman from The Weird and Wonderful started working with a new brand — Cheaper By The Dram  — and dropped me a line to see if I’d be up for making some content for them. Love Norms so obviously yes.  We wanted to make a couple of short videos for social media (in vertical orientation), […]

Delaware The Bobbie

Thanks giving dinner in a sandwich? Yeah I am all about that! Also can we discuss how amazing the label is on the Tracklements cranberry, port & orange sauce? Tasty too!

Connecticut Hot Lobster Roll

This is so simple, but so tasty! It took me longer to find Connecticut on the map than to cook and eat this.

Colorado Denver Omelette Sandwich

This would have made a better breakfast than dinner, but it was still delicious. Comes in two sizes, normal and holy shit thats big.

California French Dip Au Jus

Oh my… this one is just filth in sandwich form! Having the jus to dip into, straight up genius! Moist! I am not sure any of the next 45 states are going to beat this.

Arizona Navajo Taco

I’m not a bread maker, so that did make this one more of a challenge, can’t argue with the results though.