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These are all my posts in chronological order. Have a scroll through my whole body of work if you want to just pick out the bits you like.

Yes Deer

While away in Cumbria we spotted this awesome little bay with a great view & a long forgotten jetty. We came back just before dusk when the light was fading & there was a little drama in the sky. The jetty made for a very nice spot for my Sparrow to perch & I think helps […]

Cumbria in December

My lady & I have just had a week of good food, long walks & breath taking scenery. Last Friday we took a 3 hour drive north in the dark & some how managed to find the little cottage that would be our new home for the week down a little farm track.

Exploring Ullswater

My lady & I are up in Cumbria for the week exploring & causing trouble. It’s pretty amazing here & I have an excessively long photo post already in the works.

Rosie & Robyn

This weekend I did a couples portrait session with my girls twin sister, Rosie & her girlfriend Robyn. They are pretty cute together. We got very very lucky with the light, it was forecast to be very grey. But with the help of a flash these images really came to life.

The Gemini

I’m not exactly an advocate of astrology but when you look up my sign (Aquarius) you’ll see clever, inventive, original, stubborn, unemotional, sarcastic & rebellious — well they are a lot of words that spring to mind when I think of Rick Nunn.

Perfect Pair

On Saturday we had the best day in the woods. It was just cold enough to see your breath, the light was golden & we’d got an amazing picnic from the best bakery. More days like that please.

Duo De La Muerte

Recently independent UK streetwear brand AnyForty released another sick collaboration with London based creative Tom Mac. As soon as I saw the rad designs from Tom I knew they had to be shot low key, with a strong orange rim light to tie in with the graphic. Really happy with how crisp these turned out. Head over […]

A Storm’s Coming

October is one of the few times a year when it’s slightly more acceptable for adults to dress up as super heroes. Spadge & I knew who we wanted to be months ago… We’d been sourcing the parts for our outfits since August — obviously we knew there would end up being a photo so […]

Summer Leaves

Summer is starting to become a distant memory & autumn has settled in. The leaves are brown and the trees are gold. On beautiful days like this, & with a beautiful girl like this, how can you not want to take photos.

London Coffee

On Sunday I got to spend a few hours with my girl in central London. Despite us both traveling to the big smoke fairly regularly for work & other excursions we very rarely get to spend any time there together. Especially without some sort of strict schedule. London coffee is awesome & I had promised […]