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These are all my posts in chronological order. Have a scroll through my whole body of work if you want to just pick out the bits you like.

AnyForty Versus Volumes, Chapter 01 Lookbook

Last month I shot down to London to shoot chapter one of the very first AnyForty Versus Volumes range. As normal the weather was against us but we powered through and got some awesome shots. I even managed to get a little studio session in after bumping into a friend who had setup a pop up studio — nice!

The Blue Cord

This week I had a set of twins, a bunch of fields & a sunset at my disposal. I wanted to do something that showed the link they share. No matter what happens, where they are or what they do they will always be connected. I’ve never really spent a lot of time around twins […]

Sharing The Setup

During a shoot I love creating a visual record of my setups & sharing them with you guys here, on my site. A couple of people have told me recently that they actually use my site as a reference for setting up shots while they are out on location. That’s pretty humbling/awesome, thanks!

Blackpool Zoo

While up in Lancashire at the weekend Spadge & I headed to Blackpool for the day. The weather was looking pretty disappointing so we got pretty excited when we saw signs to Blackpool Zoo! I didn’t even know Blackpool had a zoo so we didn’t have our hopes up — but it was awesome! Lions, […]

Rose Ambrosia

Sometimes I really enjoy executing other peoples concepts, it gives me a chance to test my methods in new territories  & I end up creating images that I wouldn’t other wise. Variety is the spice of life & all that… This was also a great chance to try out hypersync on the Canon 600EX-RT & […]

Versus Volumes

On Saturday I shot down to London to shoot chapter one of the very first AnyForty Versus Volumes range. The brand is taking a slightly different approach to it’s releases; instead of 2 large drops a year there will be 6 bimonthly chaptered releases — rad! I’ll keep this short because I have a full […]

Driven Creativity

I’ve recently made friends with some of the guys from G-Technology. Which is especially cool since I’ve been a long time fan of their products — they seriously make the best looking hard drives ever. It’s been awesome to meet these guys & get a feel for the what they are doing in Europe at the moment… oh & eat hot dogs with them.

Trials & Tribulations

On Friday night I got to shoot Tom Ablewhite in his workshop yard come trials playground. Tom is currently the reigning East Midlands Trials Champion & it was awesome too see him jumping his bike over all manor of object.

Chasing Light

Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.

Cody — Portrait Of A Cat

Cats are awesome — that’s just a fact. I reckon I’ve got two of the best cats that have ever existed. They both have more character that most people. I’ve had this concept in mind for a couple of months & when the weather turned, ruining my plan for this week, it seemed like as […]