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These are all my posts in chronological order. Have a scroll through my whole body of work if you want to just pick out the bits you like.


Seven Days of Self Day 05 — Illusion: Sometimes the only person you can reply on to help you out with these self portraits is yourself… lucky for me I’ve mastered one of Loki’s abilities.


Seven Days of Self Day 04 — Wet: Thanks for voting wet for todays photo guys… I think we all knew where that was going…  I didn’t wanna pussy out and go all half assed like Ash did. I was really hoping for it to be chucking it down with rain tonight but for once it really wasn’t. So I improvised a little & used a hose pipe… fuck the ban. I got soaked to the core but I kinda like this sot so it’s worth it!


Seven Days of Self Day 03 — Trust: Being able to trust yourself is important. I rely hugely on instinct, rationality & logic to get me through life, without them I’d be pretty lost. Sometimes I need to sit quietly for a few minutes to let me mind work through whatever is going on in life.


Seven Days of Self Day 02 — Apocalypse: Since the epidemic things have got a little interesting around here… ahhh well at least I’ve found something I’m good at. I’m now heading for the city, ground zero, I want a god damn twinkie…

My Other Life

Seven Days of Self Day 01 — My Other Life: What if things were different, what if I had chosen another path, what if I never got into design or picked up a camera, what if I was a getaway driver. I fucking love a good revenge movie, & Drive is one of my favourites — I couldn’t resist doing a homage to it.

Lincoln Woods

Sparrow & I went into the woods because we like the woods and it wasn’t raining today. It was good. Still feels really autumnal and cold for this time of year — I’m okay with that.

Growl & Grandeur Summer 2012 Shoot

In March I had the pleasure of photographing Growl & Grandeur’s Spring/Summer 2012 range. The Growl team secured a location deep in the heart of East London — the F block roof of the old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. An absolutely stunning spot with a pretty unique 360º backdrop of the London skyline & enough urban architecture, pipes, steel & brickwork to keep any photographer happy for a months worth of shoots. On top of the rad location I also got to shoot Font covergirl Mellisa Clarke & Fuel Girl Charlotte Moran — fuck yes!

Vest Pocket Kodak As A Canon Lens

I’d seen a few people hacking old cameras around to make them into lenses for shiny new cameras around the internet and I wanted a slice of the action. I picked up a Vest Pocket Kodak (circa 1915) from eBay for about £15, I grabbed some M42 extension tubes & a cheap M42 to EF adaptor.

Ozone Coffee Roasters

Just before I went to London last week my friend, Richard, mentioned that if I had time I should check out a recently opened New Zeland coffee roastery & cafe — Ozone. I’m glad I did, the space is amazing & the baristas were great. I started with a Flat White, then their version of Eggs Benedict & I fished with a filter coffee made on the V60. I can’t say a bad word about any of it.

Leah / Warehouse Part Three

Final couple of shots from when I shot Leah (See the previous shots here & here). Went super gritty/dirty/noisy here. Mmmmm good.