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These are all my posts in chronological order. Have a scroll through my whole body of work if you want to just pick out the bits you like.

Leah / Warehouse Part Two

Another small set of Leah from yesterdays shoot, but with a really different feel. I used two softboxes almost paralel to the wall, this gave me a really large spread of soft light. I then shot along the wall to get a profile with lots of depth & contrast. That helped to bring out a lot of detail & give the location some verticality.

Leah / Warehouse Part One

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a lit portrait, so I text my friend Leah & arranged something for today. I’ve had this location in mind for a while but hadn’t had the chance to use it. It was a good job I had a torch with me because we couldn’t see a thing in there. We were pretty much shooting in pitch black, it made focusing a challenge but I still got a bunch of nice shots out of the evening. Enjoy these two, I’ve got some more to edit & I’ll post later this week.

My Three Photography Milestones

I guess this should probably be called “My Three Photography Kit Milestones” but you know, it’s an extra word & it loses some of the emphasis but anyway I digress — Today I was chatting to Vincent over email about the impending release of the 5D Mk III & we discussed our thoughts on it. A point of discussion was the difference that upgrading to full frame makes. I responded that for me it was one of three major milestones in photography, I thought it would be worth sharing my thoughts here, let me expand on each a little.

Tokyo Shoot Two

With a new outfit & new location in Tokyo I wanted to create a shot with a completely different feel to the previous — something that was more appropriate to the classy new look. I took advantage of the large amount of ambient light from the skylight above & two chandeliers behind. I then added a single strobe to the left side in a softbox which added depth to the model & a little separation from the background.

Tokyo Shoot One

Last Saturday I headed to Tokyo to do a shoot for a friend, & by a shoot I mean four. This is the first of the four. Unfortunately our original model let us down & we had to find a back up model at very short notice. Still manage to get some good shots out of the day. This first set up needed to be super dramatic so I had 2 softboxes on the left, one high one low, & a light behind on to some very cool skull wallpaper. You probably worked it out but the image on the right has been mirrored for the diptych composition.

Kenwick Woods Cabin Weekend — Film Edition

As well as my Canon 5D mkII, I also took my trusty Pentacon Six. The Six is an East German made medium format camera from the 60s(ish). I think I said it all on my last post with all my digital shots, so just enjoy the photos.

Kenwick Woods Cabin Weekend

This weekend Spadge & I headed over to Kwenwick woods for a weekend in a log cabin set in a 320 acre estate in the Lincolnshire Wolds. It was so good. Perfect weather, amazing food & amazing company. We did a few walks & a lot of relaxing. On Saturday night the snow started coming down, by the morning the woods felt more like the Scandinavian country side than the east cost of England. I took so many photos it was hard to decide which to upload, so you’ve got a boat load. If you manage to get all the way to the bottom of the post you’ve done well, but it should be worth it.

Sherwood Forest

Sarah & I took the short trip over to Sherwood Forest last Sunday to play in the trees & have a picnic. It was awesome. The light couldn’t have been any more perfect. Check out the mass of photos in this post.

Katie In Leeds

Yesterday after work I shot over to Leeds to see bad boy photographer Jordan Green, with him being down in Farnham most of the time now we don’t get to hang out so much but it’s always nice to see him. He dragged out his friend Katie & we played with lights & took some photos in 600 mph winds — challenging.