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These are all my posts in chronological order. Have a scroll through my whole body of work if you want to just pick out the bits you like.

The Real Twins

There are few things in life more frustrating than being a photographer and having your wife photographed by someone else. Especially when you’re getting live text updates and you can feel the distress in every emoji.

Solutions Racing Caterham SP300R

I got to shoot this absolutely awesome machine for Solutions Racing. It’s a Caterham SP300R and this car looks like it’s going 100mph even when it’s parked. The legendary Gulf Racing Team livery is timeless and really really works on this car.

Twycross Zoo, Warwickshire

Now, in fairness, it was the first sunny Saturday of the year, the last Saturday of the Easter Holidays and all adult tickets were half price on this particular day. But we were told that it was one of the first ever days the zoo car park became a “one in, one out” entry situation.

Places to Stay: Porter’s Lodge

Finding a place to stay that ticks all of my boxes is rare. Very rare. I love history and character in a building, but also for it to contain modern, luxurious facilities – this is a combination that isn’t very easy to find and not that common an occurrence.

Refraction & Reflection

Day 7 – I am here, on the final day of this project — reflecting on refraction. As photographers we are forever chasing light, trying to control it, bend it to our will. Ultimately we want to capture it, and forever immortalise it at that exact second.

The Ritual

Day 6 — I love coffee, I would breathe it if I could. The routine of making it is almost a meditative process for me. Measuring and grading the beans, the bloom, slowly adding the water. I’ve done it so many times it’s second nature, almost muscle memory. For me photography is similar, getting behind […]

The Good Boy

Day 5 – You’ve never known true loyalty until you’ve raised a dog from a pup, there’s a bond there that is hard to describe. He’d take on the world with me, without me even asking him to. Sometimes you can have the clearest idea for an image, take the time to do the shot, […]

The Woodsman

Day 4 – I think it’s important to have an environment that you are comfortable in, that environment is a reflection, an extension of you. And there are few places I feel more at home than the woods. Being in the wrong environment can be difficlult, put me in a social situation with a lot of people […]


Day 3 – I don’t think many people would describe me as energetic, I’m not overly animated and that could be confused with being reserved, but under the surface neither my mind or my will, ever settle.

The Unforgiving Mirror

Day 2 – I consider myself a confident person. This is something that comes very easy in images and words — they can be heavily edited, and perfected. It’s harder with video, you have to be more consistently confident. It’s been really interesting putting myself out there in a new medium, going back to the […]