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These are all my posts in chronological order. Have a scroll through my whole body of work if you want to just pick out the bits you like.

Poison Ivy Cosplay — Confused

This is the one I’ve been asking Spadge to do all year, but we (she) wanted some warmer weather. I knew the perfect location and knew Spadge would make an amazing Poison Ivy.

Red Hood Cosplay — You Lose

Not too many people get to be Batman’s side kick, get killed by the joker, come back to life and then become a crime lord/vigilante antihero.

The Shining Cosplay — Play With Us

There is something creepy about twins… Stephen King knows it, you know it, I know it. But that’s part of what makes them so endearing isn’t it?

Green Arrow Cosplay — Dishonor

My dad & I used to do a lot of archery when I was a kid, so there was a whole stack of equipment up in his loft… thinking about it, why did it take me this long to do a Green Arrow shoot?

Star Wars Cosplay — Rey

Duhhh duuuuu duh de la duhhhhhhhh duh, duh de laaaaa duhhh da, duhdudaduhhhh. When Star Wars – Episode 7: The Force Awakens came out, Rosie lost her shit. Rey quickly became a role model for her, a triple bunned, ass kicking, badass babe with minimal, but still very present, daddy-issues. Rosie also happens to resemble this brunette, […]

Walking Dead Cosplay – Negan

I’ve been a loyal Walking Dead fan since the start, but I have to admit I was getting bored, very bored…

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosplay – Outlaws

Like most, Guardians of the Galaxy wasn’t a story I was overly familiar with when the movie was announced. But, like a good little Marvel fan boy, I saw it on release night and it soon became one of my top ten films! I just happened to already have a Star Lord-esque red leather jacket (Don’t […]

Orange Is The New Black Cosplay

A couple of months ago Robyn asked me to put together a photo booth for her upcoming birthday party. Cool, cool, I’ve never done one before so this should be fun. I started working on it in my head straight away, thinking about how I could make it the best quality, flexible, and most importantly […]

Game of Thrones Cosplay – Fire and Blood

“Do you trust me?” – my wife said to me a couple of weeks ago… “Of course” I replied, “with everything but driving, money and cooking” I said under my breath. “Good” she explained “because I’ve planned the shit out of your next cosplay shoot.” Friday was our 5 year anniversary, yes I’m impressed I’ve put up […]

Norfolk 2016

In October we returned to Norfolk for a week of adventures and chills. We were not disappointed, good weather, good company, and good dogs made this the best holiday in years. We stayed in the awesome Saltwater bungalow in Burnham Market. The coolest thing about this place is that it also comes with a beach hut at Wells-next-the-Sea! The […]