To me there is so much aesthetic value in the places I go & the people I see. These are my attempts to document my adventures so I don’t forget them. This is my visual journal.


It’s pretty common knowledge that my concept of time is bad. Even so, it seems crazy to my that it’s been exactly THREE YEARS since our run away wedding. We wanted to do something to celebrate our Leather Milestone, and of course, us being us — a photoshoot got planned. Watch the video below to […]

RAF Stenigot, Lincolnshire

I’ve been waiting SO long to visit these massive derelict satellite dishes at RAF Stenigot in Lincolnshire. Finally we got over to see them, and I was NOT disappointed.

Twycross Zoo, Warwickshire

Now, in fairness, it was the first sunny Saturday of the year, the last Saturday of the Easter Holidays and all adult tickets were half price on this particular day. But we were told that it was one of the first ever days the zoo car park became a “one in, one out” entry situation.

Places to Stay: Porter’s Lodge

Finding a place to stay that ticks all of my boxes is rare. Very rare. I love history and character in a building, but also for it to contain modern, luxurious facilities – this is a combination that isn’t very easy to find and not that common an occurrence.

Norfolk 2016

In October we returned to Norfolk for a week of adventures and chills. We were not disappointed, good weather, good company, and good dogs made this the best holiday in years. We stayed in the awesome Saltwater bungalow in Burnham Market. The coolest thing about this place is that it also comes with a beach hut at Wells-next-the-Sea! The […]

Adventures In Colour (Vision)

After my AnyForty shoot last week I headed over to South Kensington to visit the Natural History Museum. I’d been invited over to check out the Colour and Vision exhibition. Subtitled “Through The Eyes of Nature” it’s a fantastic display on the impact eyes and colour have had on the animal kingdom. “Follow a 565-million-year journey through the eyes of nature. Uncover how […]

Presenting Mr & Mrs Nunn — Our Runaway Wedding

Last Wednesday the lady I love more than anything eloped with me. We took a secret road trip up to Gretna Green and got married at the Old Blacksmith’s! Just Spadge, myself and of course Bandit.

Edinburgh in May

A photo journal of a long weekend in Edinburgh – May 2015.

Woodhall Walks

Today we got to take Bandit to one of our absolute favourite places in the world — Woodhall Spa. He absolutely loved it, there were loads of other dogs to play with and so many new things to sniff, chew & chase! We also didn’t hate the fact that we had to drive past our […]

Cumbria in December

My lady & I have just had a week of good food, long walks & breath taking scenery. Last Friday we took a 3 hour drive north in the dark & some how managed to find the little cottage that would be our new home for the week down a little farm track.