Client Work

A selection of my work produced specifically for people, brands & events. If you are interested in working with me drop me an email.

Tokyo Shoot One

Last Saturday I headed to Tokyo to do a shoot for a friend, & by a shoot I mean four. This is the first of the four. Unfortunately our original model let us down & we had to find a back up model at very short notice. Still manage to get some good shots out of the day. This first set up needed to be super dramatic so I had 2 softboxes on the left, one high one low, & a light behind on to some very cool skull wallpaper. You probably worked it out but the image on the right has been mirrored for the diptych composition.

Droplet Series 2 Launch

Yesterday me and the crew made the 3 hour drive south to the fair city of Bristol for the launch of the 2nd series of the Jam Factory & Crazy Label Droplets. It was a really awesome day, Gav let me get in early to take some shots of the customs, the quality of work was unbelievable! There is no way I could pick a favourite! I even did a few portrait shots with the man him self & the GIANT droplet.