The Ultimate Photo Editing Monitor?

When BenQ reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their new monitor designed specifically for photographers I jumped at the chance. Having glanced at the specs “This could be the ultimate photo editing monitor” I thought to myself.

Join In – Seven Days of Self 2018

In my most recent video we talk about the importance of personal projects, and the impact they can have on your ability to piss excellence. So let’s practice what we preach and do one! Who’s in? We would love it if you got involved, the more people the better. Join in wherever suits you. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, […]

Driven Creativity

I’ve recently made friends with some of the guys from G-Technology. Which is especially cool since I’ve been a long time fan of their products — they seriously make the best looking hard drives ever. It’s been awesome to meet these guys & get a feel for the what they are doing in Europe at the moment… oh & eat hot dogs with them.


A couple of weeks ago we had some weather that, at best, you’d describe as ‘ok’. However compared to the rest of the weather up to that point (read: longest winter in human history) it felt like summer was finally upon us!

Vest Pocket Kodak As A Canon Lens

I’d seen a few people hacking old cameras around to make them into lenses for shiny new cameras around the internet and I wanted a slice of the action. I picked up a Vest Pocket Kodak (circa 1915) from eBay for about £15, I grabbed some M42 extension tubes & a cheap M42 to EF adaptor.

My Three Photography Milestones

I guess this should probably be called “My Three Photography Kit Milestones” but you know, it’s an extra word & it loses some of the emphasis but anyway I digress — Today I was chatting to Vincent over email about the impending release of the 5D Mk III & we discussed our thoughts on it. A point of discussion was the difference that upgrading to full frame makes. I responded that for me it was one of three major milestones in photography, I thought it would be worth sharing my thoughts here, let me expand on each a little.

Where am I going? What am I doing?

I’m at a really strange place with photography right now. I feel very lost; I don’t know what I am doing or where I am going with it. It’s been bothering me for weeks — I don’t have any direction & people seem hell bent on making it into work for me. I didn’t get into photography for financial gain or acclaim. I got into it so I would have a free, relaxed, creative outlet outside of the design world in which I work. I am more than happy being a designer for my day job & I don’t feel I need or want photography to enter into that.

Strobist Startup Kit — Budget vs Premium

If you want to get started with strobist photography it does not have to cost the earth. I’ve put together a list of budget kit with a direct comparison to their premium counter parts.


You might already know all about histograms, if don’t it’s well worth getting your head around them because, well, they are pretty awesome. Unfortunately they are often overlooked, dismissed or misunderstood but they are very helpful especially when it comes to strobist photography.

How I Shoot: The Tools

I get asked quite a lot about how I work with off camera flash. I thought it would be great to do a short series of posts that I can direct people to instead of replying to each one. In this first post I want to cover the tools I use, the second will cover setting up the lights & taking the shot & for the third I will cover post production.