Towards the end of last year I was approached to do some promo product photography for some brand-new wearable tech. The campaign brief consisted of 3 product shots, worn by models in different locations. Sounds simple right? There was a catch…

Both the product and the locations didn’t actually exist.

The product, called The Link band, is sort of like a cloud you wear on your wrist. It lets you carry 1tb of storage around with you & will stream your data (music, video, documents, etc.) to any device. It even creates it’s own wireless network when there isn’t one available. We just didn’t have access to the prototype before the shoot took place.

Secondly, we needed 3 different locations, using nothing but a white backdrop. They were in the minds of 3 world class illustrators, Velvet Spectrum, Chris B. Murray and Moose & Yeti, and within the art direction of my very good friend Alan Wardle.

This took some visualising, as you can imagine, but with Al & I working so well together we quickly solidified the three concepts.

Awesome. Now I just had to light our models as if they were in each of the three environments, edit the shots and get them over to each of the illustrators in 48 hours so that they could work their magic.

Scroll down for the final images & a sweet behind the scenes time-lapse video! I’m so happy with the results.

Link - Link x Velvet Spectrum x Rick Nunn Photographed by Rick Nunn
Link - Link x Moose & Yeti x Rick Nunn Photographed by Rick Nunn
Link - Link X Chris  B. Murray x Rick Nunn Photographed by Rick Nunn
Link - Link Stand Photographed by Rick Nunn

CES 2015

The stand that was put together using my photos at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas. Possibly the biggest my photos have ever been printed!


One of the Link prototypes displayed at CES, the final production run will be even sleeker!

Link - Link on Wrist Photographed by Rick Nunn
Link - Link Devices Photographed by Rick Nunn

Wifi when there's no Wifi

Link speaks directly to your devices, rather than using an internet connection or your router, which creates an easy and quick way to share offline.

When streaming, Link uses its app counterpart which removes the restrictions caused by file types and different platforms. This allows users to wirelessly stream any file type stored on their wristband to any device. 

Behind The Scenes!

Get one at Indiegogo

Link’s crowdfunding campaign is live on Indiegogo now, backers will exclusively receive the only models made this year.

Not only that, to reward early adopters they are also offering free upgrades to Link’s 2016 model!

Head over to their campaign page now to back them or find out more!