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3 — She’s The Social One…

She’s The Social One… I’m Not. My sister is one of those normal girly social types, we couldn’t be much more different but we still get on pretty well. Tonight I caught her in her natural habitat — mid conversation. This is not the shot I had planned for tonight, but the shoot I was going to do fell through, but part of this project is about coping & adapting to situations like this — it toughens you up & makes you a fearless bastard. Lucky for me my sister was around, so I made her put her face on & we dragged my kit to the middle of a roundabout in Lincoln with a pretty rad boktopian view. Soon as I got there I knew what I wanted to do with the lights, I wanted the feeling of a car headlights catching her on the left size, & a large street light on the right (Which is why I put a CTO gel on this light) — I think it works nicely with the background.

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She’s The Social One… - Shes-The-Social-One Photographed by Rick Nunn

Lighting Diagram

Lighting Diagram for She’s The Social One…


  • Camera: Canon 5D MkII
  • Lens: Canon 50mm F/1.4
  • Flashes: Canon 580ex & 430ex
  • Accessories: 2 light stands, 2 light brackets, 1 Westcott Apollo Softbox, a grid & a tripod

Camera Settings

  • Shutter Speed: 1/50th
  • Aperture: F/1.4
  • ISO: 640

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