48 — Buried

It’s no secret that I like coffee… wait — like isn’t strong enough. I LOVE coffee. That & my beard are the source of all my powers!

I had the idea for this shot a couple of weeks back after thinking about how many coffee beans I must get through in a year — my super awesome math skills worked that out to about 18,000g just incase you were wondering. If I gathered all that coffee together I could literally be buried in it!

Obviously buying that much awesome coffee & wasting it was not an option. I remembered a  technique I’d seen last year by Laya Gerlock. Moving the coffee beans in strips taking a shot and then compositing them together meant that I could make a sea of coffee with just 200g of coffee.

Burying a mug or cup in the coffee was going to take a little more thought. My original idea was to cut a hole in a sheet of wood. drop the mug through so that just the top was proud of the surface & then surrounded by the beans. But that seemed like far too much work! A cardboard take out  coffee cup and a pair of scissors was a much better idea!

P .s. coffee beans + rim light + f1.4 = beautiful bokeh! Who knew!

P.p.s. What do I love more; boobs, beans or bokeh. Tough call.

Note: Don’t miss the totally radical behind the scenes video at the bottom of the post.

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Buried - Buried Photographed by Rick Nunn
Buried - Buried Sequence Photographed by Rick Nunn

These are the 5 shots I merged together to make the final image.

The Setup

A 110cm 5 in 1 Reflector hanging off a light stand makes the perfect backdrop for a low key shot like this or even for something like a headshot.

Buried - Buried - Setup Photographed by Rick Nunn

Lighting Diagram

Lighting Diagram for Buried


Camera Settings

  • Shutter Speed: 1/125th
  • Aperture: F/1.4
  • ISO: 100

Watch The Behind The Scenes Video

It’s got mutiple camera angels and everything… because you know… I’m pro & have mad iMovie skillz.