52 — The Finale

This is the end, the conclusion, the finale! Unbelievable to think that this project has spanned an entire year! It’s gone by SO quickly.

As much as I love taking photos, projects like this are exhausting! So as much as I’ll miss it I’m looking forward to not having to shoot to a schedule.

Thanks so much to everyone that has helped with this project & a special thanks to Spadgerina for all her support & patience with me during the year — I couldn’t have done it with out her.

Had a lot of fun doing this photo, a bunch of us headed into the woods carrying  every light stand I could find, duct tape, some fancy clothes & a huge picture frame — oh & a spray bottle of water. I think Spadge enjoyed spraying that in my face a bit too much.

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The Finale - The Finale Photographed by Rick Nunn
The Finale - The Finale Alternate Photographed by Rick Nunn

Alternate Shot

We got a load of great shots, I couldn't resist editing up this one too. Those guys…

The Finale - The Finale 4 By 4 Photographed by Rick Nunn
The Finale - The Finale - BTS Montage Photographed by Rick Nunn

Behind The Scenes

This is how this shot was set up, I ended up taping my boom arm to a couple of light stands to suspend the frame. Worked a treat.

The Finale - The Finale — Setup Photographed by Rick Nunn

Lighting Diagram

Lighting Diagram for The Finale


Camera Settings

  • Shutter Speed: 1/60th
  • Aperture: F/1.4
  • ISO: 200