21 — Visual Saturation

We’ve been taking photos for about 175 years. Louis Daguerre, kicked off the craze doing long exposures out of his Parisian window — I wonder if he knew what an impact he’d have on us all.

Back then you would have had to prepare a copper plate with silver & iodine by hand, load it into a camera the size of bus and sit for 10-12 minutes just to capture a single image. Today everything is or has a camera; phones, computers, televisions, even fridges. We are inundated with image capturing devices ever-ready to capture any number of pictures.

Arguably the camera phone has had the most impact on the way we share the images we make . The first camera phone was by Nokia in 2002 & the iPhone was introduced in 2007. Today roughly 27,800 photos are uploaded to Instagram every minute & 1,736,111 to Facebook. About ten percent of the photos ever taken have been in the past 12 months!

Communicating through images today is fast & easy — with your smart phone you can tell the world where you are, what you’re doing & what you’re eating with just a few button presses. But has that cost us something?

Does the sheer amount of mundane images we see make good photos matter less?

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Visual Saturation - Saturation Photographed by Rick Nunn
Visual Saturation - Droste Photographed by Rick Nunn

A little Droste action for those that like that sort of thing.