4 — The Woodsman

Day 4 – I think it’s important to have an environment that you are comfortable in, that environment is a reflection, an extension of you. And there are few places I feel more at home than the woods.

Being in the wrong environment can be difficlult, put me in a social situation with a lot of people and watch me shut down. Put me with a couple of good friends, some dogs, out in nature, and you’ll see the real Rick Nunn. It’s easier to be yourself when you’re in surroundings you’re comfortable with.

Sometimes you can’t fully control it, but try to look for the little things you can change because if you don’t shape your environment, it will shape you.

We’ve just tipped over the half way point for Seven Days of Self And I’ve seen some of the best images so far today! Stay gold.

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The Woodsman - The Woodsman Photographed by Rick Nunn

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