3 — Unbreakable

Day 3 – I don’t think many people would describe me as energetic, I’m not overly animated and that could be confused with being reserved, but under the surface neither my mind or my will, ever settle.

I have an energy, an unwavering internal resource which makes me almost undoubtably unbreakable. It stops me getting ill, it lets me run on no sleep, it fuels me. It’s my secret super power (I quite like it being a secret, so nobody say anything…).

I was feeling really impatient to take this shot, I wanted to go low key, but the stupid sky was way too light. By 6pm I couldn’t wait any longer and just had to get out and shoot. Lucky for me HyperSync is a thing and I could shoot at 1/2000th of a second, and still sync my flashes up. Thanks Canon!

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Unbreakable - Unbreakable Photographed by Rick Nunn
Unbreakable - Unbreakable - BTS Photographed by Rick Nunn

My Setup

I realllllly should have waited for it to get a little darker.

Lighting Diagram

Lighting Diagram for Unbreakable


Camera Settings

  • Shutter Speed: 1/2000th
  • Aperture: F/1.4
  • ISO: 100