365 — Done

This entire project can been seen on my flickr.

So, this is my final shot. I had planned to do a Quoto but it just didn’t work out. I couldn’t visualise what I wanted to do well enough, ended up getting in a mood and loosing all enthusiasm for taking my last photo. I guess that’s the nature of the 365.

So this is the photo I ended up with, nothing special, just something honest.

I’m very happy I’ve done it, but I’m even more happy it is now over. I maintain that I have learnt how to use my camera a lot quicker by forcing myself to do this project, and I am happy that I haven’t missed a day. But there have been times when I have hated & resented it. Still it’s over now and I can take photos when the inspiration comes for them rather than trying to force something out every day.

Tomorrow I’ll be publishing a post on my blog about the project, well a sort of retrospective on my last year with photography, so be sure to check it out.

Done - 4231043010_317ed4be1d_o Photographed by Rick Nunn