The Nunn Show

Everyone needs a make-believe reality TV show. If you haven’t narrated your own life at some point, you’re lying to yourself.

Ours is called The Nunn Show – said in the same format as “Tickets to The Gun Show” – and there’s a big twist to ours… it exists. You’re welcome.


Rick Nunn

Rick Nunn
Photo Taker. Video Maker. Navigator. Information Hungry. Instagram Husband. Explorer.

Spadge Nunn

Spadge Nunn
Location Hunter. Story Teller. Accidental Presenter. Trophy Wife. Car DJ. Mermaid.


We are very adaptable people. From sitting in a hot tub all day to climbing huge mountains, we’re up for trying out most things and, of course, sharing our journey the whole way.

Yin & Yang
One is sweet, the other is sour. One is robust, the other is delicate. We probably make the most interesting content when our personalities are combined.

Work with us

We love sharing our adventures through words, pictures & video — if you’re interested in us featuring you, your business or your accommodation we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email (Rick / Spadge), slip into our DMs or tweet us. Or why not check out the things we’ve created so far, on Instagram, YouTube and on this site.

Stay Gold,
Rick & Spadge