About Rick Nunn

Hi I’m Rick Nunn, a creative director and photographer from Lincoln, UK. I’m fueled 50% by coffee and 50% by rage.

Photography has kept me busy since 2009, in that time I’ve completed endless projects and teamed up with some awesome brands including Canon, AnyForty and The Weird & Wonderful. I’ve also had my work put on show in places like CES in Las Vegas and The V&A in London.

My speciality is strobist portraiture, using off camera lights allows me to add extra dimensions to my images while still remaining portable enough to shoot at any location.

My passion for photography has really been driven by my hunger for learning new techniques and playing with new technology. That, teamed up with my creative background, made it very hard for me to put down the camera.

When not building cool shit for the internet, or taking on new photography projects you’ll find me out on adventures with my wife and 2 dogs.

I’m not as scary as I look, come talk to me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook or send me an email — hi@ricknunn.com

I’ve recently been getting into video & vlogging, check out my YouTube channel.

A photo of Rick Nunn