A selection of non-project based posts sharing my techniques & experiments. Plus tutorials showing behind the scenes images & setups of my off camera flash photos.

The Real Twins

There are few things in life more frustrating than being a photographer and having your wife photographed by someone else. Especially when you’re getting live text updates and you can feel the distress in every emoji.

Solutions Racing Caterham SP300R

I got to shoot this absolutely awesome machine for Solutions Racing. It’s a Caterham SP300R and this car looks like it’s going 100mph even when it’s parked. The legendary Gulf Racing Team livery is timeless and really really works on this car.

How I Shoot A Strobist Portrait

Ever wondered how I get that classic Rick Nunn strobist look? I loaded up my bag with my favourite Canon, Manfrotto & Westcott gear. Grabbed a Spadgerina & headed off in to the woods to show you how!

JulieK Lingerie shoot with Spadgerina

My lady is a big fan of Scottish Suicide Girl turned Lingerie Designer, JulieK. Late last year I got her a few bits from the collection & we’ve been meaning to shoot it ever since.

Don’t Fear The Raptor

Spadge wanted a necklace — things sort of spiralled out of control from there until we ended up with Bandit dressed like a dinosaur. Halloween a-side this was a fairly standard Saturday for us.

The Woman In Black – A 5 Minute Portrait

Last week, while at Withamside House shooting book of the year 2015, an eerie figure appeared behind us… giving Spadge a mild heart-attack — a second photo opportunity had emerged.


Duna duna duna duna, duna duna duna duna — BATCAN! BATCAN!

My Sparrow

Today is my girls birthday. So we’re in the woods taking photos! Oh and apperently I have to make a soufflé later… wish me luck with that!

Black Widow

So recently on Instagram I made pledge to eat more pizza and do more shoots. Well “Pizza Mondays” are now a thing in our household…

While eating pizza and discussing Avengers — Age of Ultron with Spadgerina we noted how similar her hair was to Natasha Romanoff’s — we also realised that she still had a black catsuit from a previous shoot. The stars were aligning.

Dead Girl x Mary Choppins!

Had an awesome time doing two Halloween shoots in one last week! Dead Girl featuing Spadgerina & Mary Choppins featuring Rosie & Robyn! Happy Halloween!