Shooting in extremely bright midday sunlight is always a challenge, harsh shadows & ever-changing lighting doesn’t help the situation. It’s even more ambitious when you want to balance/fight the sun by adding a flash or three. I wanted to get a super bright, almost dreamy, backdrop so I wanted to shoot from a shaded area with a few trees for framing & then use strobes to even that out with the rest of the scene.

Once we found a spot that worked I got my 580ex set up in a reflective umbrella on full power. Two or three test shots later it became clear that a single flash wasn’t going to cut it, I used a gorilla pod to add a 430ex into the same umbrella at full power — much better! I finished it off with another 430ex on 1/4 power through a grid with a 1/4 color temperature orange gel to add some warmth, a little pop to the hair & get that nice wraparound light on the arm.

There is also a behind the scenes shot for this on my Instagram if you like that sort of thing.

Daylight - Daylight Photographed by Rick Nunn
Daylight - Daylight II Photographed by Rick Nunn

Got a couple of great alternate shots too.

Spadge stole my camera and turned it on me!

Daylight - Daylight III Photographed by Rick Nunn
Daylight - Daylight IV Photographed by Rick Nunn

Lighting Diagram

Lighting Diagram for Daylight


  • Camera: Canon 5D MkII
  • Lens: Canon 135mm F/2.0 L
  • Flashes: Canon 580ex & 2 430ex
  • Accessories: 2 light stands, 3 light brackets, a Westcott Apollo, a grid, a tripod & RF-602 Triggers.

Camera Settings

  • Shutter Speed: 1/125th
  • Aperture: F/2.0
  • ISO: 200