Since picking up a camera in 2009 I’ve set myself at least one photography project a year. To me the value of these projects is completely inherent in the act of doing them or, more importantly, the act of completing them at a level with which I am happy. I do them to prove to myself that I can.

United States of Sandwiches

10th May 2020 – Ongoing

I like food. I like making it, I like eating it & I even don't mind photographing it. Follow me as I tour all 50 states, making the signature sandwich of each state as I go — all from the comfort of my own home.

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Seven Days Of Self 2018

30th March – 5th April 2018

A photo every day for seven days that represents you. This could be a self portrait, an activity, an object you feel a connection to, anything as long as you feel it somehow shows part of who you are.

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The Cosplay

September 2016 – Ongoing

An ongoing cosplay project with characters inspired by Comics, Television & Films and all featuring a "quoto" twist.

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Fifty Two Weeks 2013

10th February 2013 – 3rd February 2014

Most of my projects have not only been day-sequential, but have also had quite a strict set of rules. Be it the equipment, the subject, or some other stipulation. I wanted to do something that gave me a little more freedom without losing structure. So here is my own brief for my Fifty Two Weeks: I am going to create 52 images, each image is going to be created from at least two photographs taken that week.

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Goodbye Gravity

Ongoing Project

A small collection of staged scenes where the subject has somehow come untethered from the restraints of gravity. This is an ongoing project.

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Seven Days Of Self 2012

7th May – May 13th 2012

I did this project with Ashley after she suggested it over Twitter. We wanted to add a twist to the standard format & invited everyone in our networks to suggest & vote on a daily theme for each photo. The voting process meant that we wouldn’t know the theme until the day before shooting it, giving us very little time to prep, shoot, edit & post the results.

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Fifty Of Fifty 2011

1st September – 20th October 2011

This is my third and possibly final Fifty of Fifty. This was 50 photos in 50 days all taken with a 50mm lens. A simple concept but to actually reach the end, at a reasonable standard, took some serious dedication, motivation & to add some more pressure I decided to do a short ‘How-I-Shoot’ style post for each & every photo.

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Fifty Of Fifty 2010

1st July – 19th August 2010

This was my second Fifty of Fify. Again 50 photos over 50 days with a 50mm lens. It introduced my signature line & text combination to other photographers, which now seems to have defined a new type of Project 50. For this series I decided to add a cinematic feel using composition, post processing & titles to help tell a story with each image.

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Seven Days Of Self 2010

1st March – 7th March 2010

A weeklong project forcing me to turn the camera on myself. I took on this project after feeling like I was neglecting my camera a little bit after completing my 365.

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ThreeSixFive 2009

1st January 2009 – 31st December 2009

2009 was the year I got my first camera, I decided the best way for me to get into the swing of things was to take a photo a day for 2009 — this entire project can been seen on my flickr.

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I am currently working my way back through my archives to display all my old projects on this page, so check back later if you want to see some blasts from the past!