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These are all my posts in chronological order. Have a scroll through my whole body of work if you want to just pick out the bits you like.

The Laundrette

My girl & I have just been for an awesome weekend away in a quaint little cottage on the Yorkshire coast (Adventure post coming soon). One thing we noticed in a lot of the seaside towns we visited were all the “vintage” laundretts. Most of them looked completely lost in time, so we had to […]

Tom Exton Folio Shoot Highlights

Recently Spadge was contacted by a friend of hers — Tom. He’s been hanging out with some model types in Paris & they had managed to convince him to build a portfolio.

Goodbye Gravity

It’s been a while since my last gravity defying stunt & I saw last Saturday as a pretty good opportunity  to add another image to this this ongoing series. After dark on a Saturday in Lincoln’s busy uphill pub area maybe wasn’t the best time to attempt this, but we didn’t let the drunks get […]


Recently Spadge & I were contacted by a friend of hers, Tom. He’s been hanging out with some model types in Paris & they had managed to convince him to build a portfolio. We of course were happy to help. I concentrated on some sharp head-shots & signature strobist action (which I’ll feature on my […]

Catch Her in the Rye

If every experience we have causes a new branch of reality to form, does that mean there are multiple versions of self on standby to take those journeys? You are the sum of your experiences, even if those experiences aren’t real. Everything you go through has the potential to shape and change you… I really like […]

He Just Stares At The World

Hands down, without doubt, this is one of the most awesome presents I have ever received, ever. The MK VII Iron Man suit, with my head on it! Just before Christmas just gone my lady tricked me into letting her take some mug shots of my head… I had no idea she’d be using them to get […]

Visual Saturation

We’ve been taking photos for about 175 years. Louis Daguerre, kicked off the craze doing long exposures out of his Parisian window — I wonder if he knew what an impact he’d have on us all. Back then you would have had to prepare a copper plate with silver & iodine by hand, load it into a camera the […]


There is a monster lurking inside of me, I keep it locked away. But sometimes I get pushed too far & snap… Dark, moody, strobist in the woods; it had been too long — enjoy.

The Tools

Yesterday was fathers day, so I wanted to do a photo that touched on that. These are a few of the tools I’ve had handed down to me from my father and grandfather. The tools passed onto me have been more than just these physical objects; I’ve been given the tools I need to guide myself […]