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These are all my posts in chronological order. Have a scroll through my whole body of work if you want to just pick out the bits you like.

Be Original

The importance of being original is lost on some people.

Cabin — June

As mentioned here my lady & I had a weekend away in the cabin in Kenwick. It was long over due — we haven’t been since November. It felt great to escape for a little while. This time we came across a small family-run farm park called Rushmore Country Park where Spadge got to feed some baby lambs & I made friends with a pretty awesome ginger guinea pig. We also ate lots of bacon, had fish & chips, ran around the woods… you know, the usual.

Dual Solitude

Getting away from everything for a little while is important. We’ve escaped to the cabin for the weekend so I’ll keep this post short, but if you wanna see a mega photo post from our adventure you can check it here.

She Pours JD On Her Bacon

You probably don’t know this about Spadge, but sometimes she likes to pour Honey JD on her bacon. She’s quite an unconventional girl — and being an unconventional boy I love that.

I Drink Coffee, She Takes Tea

Every time I make my girl a cup of tea I get momentarily mesmerised. The point where the milk hits the tea is pretty rad, that little storm — furious. I wanted needed to photograph it. I thought this was a great chance to give a little insite to Spadge & I.

Cuerno de Chivo

Some people buy art to hang on their walls — not Shane, he waned an AK-47 to sit above his mantelpiece. And who can blame him, It’s probably one of the most famous weapons in history. Involved in nearly every major conflict world wide since it’s birth in the 1940s. You can drive over it with a tank, fill it full of mud, use it as a pez dispenser and it’ll keep on going — good work Mikhail Kalashnikov!

Never Fear Those Mountains

At the start of this year Spadgerina came across tattooist Dan Morris, on Pintrest. Instantly falling for his sweet, sweet style she very nicely asked me if I’d buy her a tattoo for her birthday. Let me tell you, it’s very hard to say no to a face like this. She cheekily booked the appointment a few weeks earlier than her actual birthday saying “It’s still May, what more do you want?” — I let that slide because I’m such a nice guy.

The Edit Station

It’s so important to have a good place to work. I’m fortunate enough to have some great places to work. One of them includes the end of the bar at Coffee Aroma. I’ve done some of my best work sat just there. In the past, more often than not, with John O’Nolan sat right next to me.


A couple of weeks ago we had some weather that, at best, you’d describe as ‘ok’. However compared to the rest of the weather up to that point (read: longest winter in human history) it felt like summer was finally upon us!

Honey & Gunpowder

This week I was fortunate enough to receive a package from the guys at WestcottCo with some goodies in it. I’ve been using a couple of 28inch Apollos for the past few years & fully can’t live without them. The Strip & Orb versions of the Apollo were introduced to the range a little over a year ago & I’ve been drooling over them since. It’s awesome to finally get my hands on them.