Join In – Seven Days of Self 2018

In my most recent video we talk about the importance of personal projects, and the impact they can have on your ability to piss excellence. So let’s practice what we preach and do one!

Who’s in? We would love it if you got involved, the more people the better. Join in wherever suits you. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your own website… or even Flickr? (apparently it’s still a thing) just use the hashtag #7dos2018 when you post so we can follow it!

The Project

When: Friday 30th March – 5th April 2018

What: Take a photo every day for seven days that represents you. This could be a self portrait, an activity, an object you feel a connection to, anything as long as you feel it somehow shows part of who you are.

How: Take a photo using a camera/phone/shoe box & post one a day to your favourite corner of the internet using the hashtag #7dos2018


These fine people have said that they are going to do it! If you are in too, send me a message and I’ll add you to the list!

Rick Nunn on

Spadge Nunn on

Betty Nunn on

Igor Gurgel on

Ben Grubb on

Daniel Blundell on

Ben (@justbensphotos) on

Mark Cooper on

Ben Baumber on

Shaun Savage on

Graham Cooling on

Christopher Vallieres on

Hannah O’Leary on

Sophie on

Greg Mitchell on

Matt Hojo on

Elvinas Skabeikis on

Miles Bergstrom on

Adam Hawra on

Jess Gurr on

Phil Hearing on

Jack Bradley on

Hattie Bunting on

James Pollitt on

Robin Hawkes on

For more check the hashtag on instagram.

If you need a little inspiration, enjoy these blasts from the past which are my previous attempts at this project.

Join In – Seven Days of Self 2018 - Seven Days Of Self 2012 Photographed by Rick Nunn
Join In – Seven Days of Self 2018 - Seven Days Of Self 2010 Photographed by Rick Nunn