My Three Photography Milestones

I guess this should probably be called “My Three Photography Kit Milestones” but you know, it’s an extra word & it loses some of the emphasis but anyway I digress — Today I was chatting to Vincent over email about the impending release of the 5D Mk III & we discussed our thoughts on it. A point of discussion was the difference that upgrading to full frame makes. I responded that for me it was one of three major milestones in photography, I thought it would be worth sharing my thoughts here, let me expand on each a little.

1, Getting A Camera — 2009

Sort of obvious but everyone has to start somewhere & I look back on this starting point fondly. I got my Canon 450D on the 2nd of January 2009 & I was hooked right away! I loved that camera &reep the benefits completed 300 days of Project 365 before upgrading to a 50D in October & finishing off the project.

2, Switching Entirely To Prime Lenses — 2010

For those of you who don’t know what a prime lens is, it’s a lens with a fixed focal length rather than a zoom. In 2009 I got my first prime, the Canon 50mm F/1.8. I was immediately hooked on the increased sharpness & low depth of field this sort of lens could achieve.

To start with I didn’t feel that moving entirely to primes was the way forward, but I found myself using my 50mm more & more. When framing up a subject I’d be walking backwards & forwards instead of twisting the lens. It took me a while to realise that I could do that all the time with all the lenses. I just had to put myself in the right spot & then I could reep the benefits of a prime lens.

On September 21st I acquired the the final lens in my triple threat attack squad the 28mm F/1.8. My main kit bag now normally consists of a 28mm F/1.8, 50mm F/1.4 & a 135mm F/2.0, I find that this has me covered in 99% of situations. I actually realised today that I don’t have any zooms for any of my cameras at all, even my new X100 is a 23mm F/2.0 prime.

3, Going Full Frame — 2011(ish)

At the very end of 2010 (December 27th) I went full frame. I spent all my saves on a 5D MkII & I’ve been broke ever since… worth it! Upgrading to to full frame has been amazing — improved image quality, amazing ISO capabilities, more space in the frame, getting the most out of my lenses, the list goes on & on. I don’t think i’ll ever be able to go back to having a crop sensor in my main camera.

So now it’s 2012, I guess that means I’m due another milestone… maybe it’s my X100, maybe I haven’t worked it out yet, either way I hope my progression with photography continues.

What about you guys? Any of your own milestones?