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AnyForty — Autumn/Winter 2012 Lookbook

Last weekend I was lucky fortunate enough to work with the AnyForty family again, this time shooting the new Autumn/Winter 2012 Lookbook. The weather was dull, overcast & spitting — a perfect contrast to the Spring/Summer range I shot earlier this year & ideal for the autumnal feel we wanted.

Maid In The Mist

“There’s a smoke machine in the other room if you want to use it?” Erm… yes! Yes I do want to use it! I want to take a photo in the dark! With lights & candles & drama & aweomeness. So we made this.

Yorkshire Big Breakfast

This morning Phil made me get up at some stupid time in the morning & we headed to Malton for the Specialist Cars Yorkshire Big Breakfast Autumn meet. Twice a year thousands of people from all over the country flock to a small industrial estate to eat bacon sandwiches & look at some of the finest motors ever made. The seer quantity of people made photo tricky, but here are a few of my favourite shots from the day.

Goodbye Gravity

“It’d be pretty cool to throw someone off a building”, I thought to myself last week… I just needed to find a friend stupid fearless enough to let me do it.

Goodbye Gravity

Humans shouldn’t get all the fun right, that’s what my cat, Cody told me. So, with help from Spadge, we put this together. Working with animals can be a challenge, but we found a bowl full of cheese helped.

Goodbye Gravity

There are few places spookier than the heart of a forest shrouded in the darkness of night — so it seemed like a good place to do some lowkey gravity defying. If I was slightly more sensible I’d have done it at dusk… setting up what became a quite complicated lighting setup in complete darkness was a pain.

Goodbye Gravity

Making people defy gravity is so much fun I wanted to try it out on myself. Had to act fast with this one, after trekking to the location the sun started to fade fast, I bunged a couple of flashes in a single softbox got the ambient light balanced and then I just started to… float.


Shooting in extremely bright midday sunlight is always a challenge, harsh shadows & ever-changing lighting don’t help the situation. It’s even more ambitious when you want to balance/fight the sun by adding a flash or three. I wanted to get a super bright, almost dreamy, backdrop so I wanted to shoot from a shaded area with a few trees for framing & then use strobes to even that out with the rest of the scene.


Just got back from another weekend away with Spadge in the Cabin. On Friday we took a ride out to the small costal town of Mablethrope to enjoy some of England’s finest eastern seaside. Beach walks, red slush, novelty rock, donkeys & nintendo grabber machines were just some of the things we enjoyed.

Goodbye Gravity

It had been too long since I got my lights out for a shoot. I’ve been loving natural candid photography over the summer, and I always tend to neglect my strobes a little while the bloody sun is around so much. I wanted to challenge myself a little with this photo, both with lighting quite a tight space & the post production. Let me know what you think.