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These are all my posts in chronological order. Have a scroll through my whole body of work if you want to just pick out the bits you like.

My Dark Passenger

Day 1 – I’ve always had a strange relationship with anger. It’s made me self destructive, push people away and break things. But it’s also fuelled me and pushed me on. Given me drive to change things. The old I get, the more I learn how to control and channel it. But it’s still always […]

Join In – Seven Days of Self 2018

In my most recent video we talk about the importance of personal projects, and the impact they can have on your ability to piss excellence. So let’s practice what we preach and do one! Who’s in? We would love it if you got involved, the more people the better. Join in wherever suits you. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, […]

How I Shoot A Strobist Portrait

Ever wondered how I get that classic Rick Nunn strobist look? I loaded up my bag with my favourite Canon, Manfrotto & Westcott gear. Grabbed a Spadgerina & headed off in to the woods to show you how!

I Vlog Now? Aka My Coffee Obsession

How did I talk myself into this, checkout my very first vlog and head over you YouTube to subscribe to my channel.

Goodbye Gravity

Surrender To The Moonlight — an etherial addition to my Goodbye Gravity series, the first one in way too long.

Wonder Woman Cosplay — I Will Fight

Wonder Woman has a special place in my heart (pants). You see, way back in 2010, I took the first ever picture of my [now] wife, in a Wonder Woman shirt, before either of us even knew what Cosplay was.

Poison Ivy Cosplay — Confused

This is the one I’ve been asking Spadge to do all year, but we (she) wanted some warmer weather. I knew the perfect location and knew Spadge would make an amazing Poison Ivy.

Red Hood Cosplay — You Lose

Not too many people get to be Batman’s side kick, get killed by the joker, come back to life and then become a crime lord/vigilante antihero.

The Shining Cosplay — Play With Us

There is something creepy about twins… Stephen King knows it, you know it, I know it. But that’s part of what makes them so endearing isn’t it?

Green Arrow Cosplay — Dishonor

My dad & I used to do a lot of archery when I was a kid, so there was a whole stack of equipment up in his loft… thinking about it, why did it take me this long to do a Green Arrow shoot?