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Miss Scarlet

Her scarlet lips have talked me into worse things…

We are very lucky to have access to some absolutely stunning locations. However, we couldn’t think of anywhere quite right to shoot Spadge’s new dress that her mum kindly bought her for New Year’s Eve.


It’s no secret that I like coffee… wait — like isn’t strong enough. I LOVE coffee. That & my beard are the source of all my powers!

Enjoy The Little Things

Well 2013 has been an interesting year to say the least. Ups & downs, back & fourths… you know how it’s been. I’m not big on New Years resolutions, I never have been, but for 2014 I am going to try to enjoy the little things more.

Better Together

Those of you that follow Spadge & I will know that a couple of weeks ago we headed up to Holy Mountain Tattoo Studio to get each other our Christmas presents.

Bah Humbug!

Despite our best efforts, this year hasn’t felt very Christmassy. It’s been 12 degrees, the supermarket queues have been fairly reasonable & Cody refuses to wear his antlers. So when Spadge & I saw these jumpers we knew they had to be involved in this years Christmas photo. A slight contrast to last years, still Merry […]

Alexandra Bawn

On Saturday Spadge & shot over to Holy Mountain Tattoo to get each other our Christmas presents. We’d been planning this tattoo for a while & had been hunting for the right artist for months.

Yes Deer

While away in Cumbria we spotted this awesome little bay with a great view & a long forgotten jetty. We came back just before dusk when the light was fading & there was a little drama in the sky. The jetty made for a very nice spot for my Sparrow to perch & I think helps […]

Cumbria in December

My lady & I have just had a week of good food, long walks & breath taking scenery. Last Friday we took a 3 hour drive north in the dark & some how managed to find the little cottage that would be our new home for the week down a little farm track.

Exploring Ullswater

My lady & I are up in Cumbria for the week exploring & causing trouble. It’s pretty amazing here & I have an excessively long photo post already in the works.

Rosie & Robyn

This weekend I did a couples portrait session with my girls twin sister, Rosie & her girlfriend Robyn. They are pretty cute together. We got very very lucky with the light, it was forecast to be very grey. But with the help of a flash these images really came to life.