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These are all my posts in chronological order. Have a scroll through my whole body of work if you want to just pick out the bits you like.

Dead Girl x Mary Choppins!

Had an awesome time doing two Halloween shoots in one last week! Dead Girl featuing Spadgerina & Mary Choppins featuring Rosie & Robyn! Happy Halloween!

The First Walk

A month can be a long time, but I had no idea just how long until we had to wait to take Bandit for walks! This past 4 weeks has been a lot of work, trying to tire a puppy out without being able to go on long walks has been exhausting! My lady sums up […]

Meet Bandit

Meet Bandit Perses Nunn-Whittaker the first! He was born on 11th of July & we got to bring him home today! Life is going to change…


I’ve been doing an awful lot of client work lately, and thats lead to a dramatic decrease in the amount of images I’ve been sharing. Not because I can’t share the shots, more because… where does time even go? My lady & I put an end to that last night by having a few hours of […]

Daydream In Blue

She & I spent a few days at the cabin in the woods over the weekend. In between coffee on the balcony & trips to the beach we made some time for a few photos.

24 Hours in the Life of Rick Nunn

I was approached earlier this year by & Canon to be part of a new project. They wanted me to produce some images with a behind the scenes video. They gave me a brief ’24Hrs with your DSLR’ a small budget & access to some of their amazing kit — the rest was up to me.

AnyForty Versus Volumes, Chapter 02 Lookbook

Last month I spent a week seeing friends, eating meat & shooting photos in London, one of the first was for the AnyForty Chapter 2 lookbook. We shot on a secret roof top location in Shoreditch, giving us the chance to do something that felt a bit different for the brand. I love the way it’s come out. It was great to see some familiar faces & get some fresh ones in too.

The Finale

This is the end, the conclusion, the finale! Unbelievable to think that this project has spanned an entire year! It’s gone by SO quickly. As much as I love taking photos, projects like this are exhausting! So as much as I’ll miss it I’m looking forward to not having to shoot to a schedule. Thanks […]

I Climbed the Tree to See the World

I had a great concept for this weeks photo, heavy rain was forecast all Sunday so I was prepared. But the rain didn’t come, so I waited, & waited a little longer, but it never came. So I had to come up with a plan B pretty quickly… a long exposure in the cold mixed […]

Hands Full

We’ve had our hands full this weekend. I’ve had my hands full of tools & furniture & Spadge has had her hands full of clumps of her own hair. Spadge has recently been offered an awesome new job in Leicester, after a hellish flat hunt which seemed to take forever, we found just the right […]